About Us

vkphoto.ca portrays VK photography by a Saskatchewan, Canada based photographer/blogger Vaibhav Patel. My passion towards capturing splendid moments of life fill my heart with joy and pleasure. I started following my dreams couple of years back, since then I’ve committed myself to my job. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet amazing people during my work which forms a blissful atmosphere around. I’ve used this platform to share my love for photography to enthusiast people around the world. I’ve done numerous photoshoots till date including birthdays, families, pre wedding, new borns, landscapes and many more in which I capture the happy, joyful and glorious moments with focussing on details that connects emotionally to the people.

I constantly come up with new techniques and experiment it to acquire an unique photoshoot to make through the expectations of my clients. Moreover, I edit the photos to make it look more realistic as the colours pop up in the picture giving it a timeless aesthetic. I’m fond of shooting candid style photography as those pictures makes you live that moment again and captures an emotion. One of the reason I love my work even more is that I get to communicate with new people and working more with my clients makes me understand them even better which creates a friendly atmosphere. My devotion to my job brings creativeness in me to get new ideas everyday.

If you want to see my work then find me on Instagram. For collaboration kindly contact me and let’s be friends.